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World’s largest tree hug to mark 1916 Centenary.

  Press Release date: Sunday, October 18, 2015 World’s largest tree hug to mark 1916 Centenary.   Contact: Tom Roche - 086 8049389 Killarney  prepares to go for Tree Hugging World Record. Just Forests in association with Killarney Tidy Towns and Killarney Chamber of Commerce and Tourism are working to put plans in place i »

Paddy Keane

Autograph Tree Family Tree Generation Tree Deep Dark Wood   This Beech tree was grown in 1980 from a seed collected in Currachase Forest, Co Limerick, the home of the poet Aubrey de Vere. It is an autograph tree:  the planter’s logo PJK (PJ Keane) was engraved in the bark in 1991. It is a family tree with six families represented »

John & Pauline Nolan

"The Doggy in the ditch" by Pauline (Polly) Nolan From as early as he could talk, my now 13 year old son Chris, used babble "Hello Doggy" and wave at the same spot on the road between the Beehive Pub and Wicklow Town. Eventually i realized he was addressing a dead tree that stood proudly in the ditch. A number of years ago, I noticed the tree was missi »

Martin Enright

Oh to hug this mighty Copper beech. Better known as The Autograph Tree this Copper beech - Fagus sylvatica 'Purpurea' at Coole Park, Co. Galway is about 200 years old. In 1898 Lady Gregory asked Yeats to carve his initials on the bark of the tree. He was the first of many to do so. Others include  Lady Gregory herself, her son Robert, George Bernard »

Killarney Tidy Towns

No one knows when this Sequoiadendron Giganteum (Giant Sequoia-Californian redwood) was planted outside the main door of St. Mary’s Cathedral, Killarney. Because the tree is believed to be approx. 100 years old, its planting may be connected with the completion of the Cathedral in 1912. This is my favourite tree because it’s planted on the site o »

Noreen O’Sullivan

I must have been about eleven years old.  Every chance we got in Summer my friend and I would be taken to Muckross to see the big house, the lake and the wonderful gardens. This particular Sunday as we walked past the rockery my friend and I had the greatest fun ever trying to climb up to the large branch of this enormous tree and what joy we felt to a »

John Lenihan

The King of the Forest, a giant oak tree, standing proudly near my home at Bothar an Iarla, Glanageenty, Ballymacelligott in Kerry is my perfect tree. As a child growing up in this magical place it gave me all the emotions of youth and joy when I climbed it and tears when I fell from it. This tree is an important historic landmark. Beneath its lofty struct »

Rachel Allen

My life as a cook is intimately intertwined with the natural world. Good food ingredients are the basis of our good health and the responsible stewardship of the earth and soil is essential in the provision of such quality ingredients. Trees have always been of importance to me - not just because of the fabulous array of fruits and nuts they provide that »

Matt Fogarty

I planted this Cedar of Lebanon tree in memory of my late wife Mary. She was of tremendous help to me over our 45 years together. She was my greatest supporter and she is a great loss in my life. Reflecting back on my life, I remember my uncle who was a Cistercian Monk at Roscrea Abbey. He was the head gardener there and the person that led me to have s »

Bill Liao

Picture the most interesting clime-able smooth barked and solid tree with branches so accommodating they sweep down towards the ground and then gracefully arc up again to the sky, almost as if they are to catch you hold you. In 2002 when I first visited Ireland I took a little time out after flying in and decided to do a little tour of Cork to see the o »

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