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World’s largest tree hug to mark 1916 Centenary.

  Press Release date: Sunday, October 18, 2015 World’s largest tree hug to mark 1916 Centenary.   Contact: Tom Roche - 086 8049389 Killarney  prepares to go for Tree Hugging World Record. Just Forests in association with Killarney Tidy Towns and Killarney Chamber of Commerce and Tourism are working to put plans in place i »

2015: Nominate your favourite tree

2015: Enter your favourite tree: People are known to develop strong emotional ties with trees - yes even the toughest of us! Trees with historical links or trees planted to commemorate loved ones are seen as living memorials. Big, strong stately trees can be a source of reassurance and give us a sense of place. Do you have a special tree? One that has a s »

Matt Fogarty-Ireland’s Nomination in ETY 2015

Congratulations are extended to Matt Fogarty of Fogarty Nurseries, Ballinderry, Neagh, Co. Tipperary. Matt is the National Tree Hugger of the Year 2014. Matt received an amazing 1204 votes. He had to vie with 14 other participating 'tree huggers'  in the month-long contest which was coordinated by the development education (DE) and forest campaigning NGO »

‘Mother of the forest’: why local enthusiasm could be the baobab’s saviour

Georgina Magin, Fauna & Flora International’s Global Trees Campaign manager, writes about her recent trip to visit some of Madagascar’s most charismatic flora. Giant in size, distinct in shape, its physical presence is impressive. It is also a great provider, not only for the bats that feed on the nectar and perform vital pollination services (i »

The Fascinating History of ‘Tree Huggers’

The term "tree hugger" was coined in 1730, when hundreds of Bishnois died while trying to protect the trees in their village from being turned into the raw material for a palace. The first tree huggers were 294 men and 69 women belonging to the Bishnois branch of Hinduism, who, in 1730,  died while trying to protect the trees in their village from bein »

Tree hugging is good for health

It has now been confirmed by science that hugging trees can beneficially affect human health by altering vibrational frequency. Hugging a tree may have gained popularity as a maligned hippy practice, but it has now been validated by science to be incredibly beneficial for both people and the planet. Contrary to popular belief, hugging – or even just b »

The tree that ‘died for Ireland’

European tree of the year contender blows over in storms - but voting for Ireland's entry continues-UPDATE The Grey Giant falls to the ground - despite its recent tragic fall Ireland's entry in the European Tree of the Year 2014 Contest increases its vote. However we are way behind and YOUR VOTE is urgently needed. PLEASE VOTE NOW! Ireland's entry is »

Tree-hugging the secret to koalas staying cool in heatwaves

Zoologists have uncovered the secret of how koalas cool off in a heatwave - hugging trees, the trunks of which can be several degrees cooler than the surroundings. Unable to sweat, koalas use panting as a way of evaporative cooling, but in the wild, they rarely drink and when they need to, water is often scarce. As tree-dwellers, koalas do not genera »

Nepal tree-huggers set new world record

More than 2000 people including lawmakers and students hugged trees in a park outside Nepals capital Kathmandu to claim a new record on World Environment Day. After organisers sounded a horn, eager students, many of whom were wearing school uniforms, clasped tree trunks for two minutes as Nepalese musicians beat traditional drums. “We had a very hi »